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God’s inspirations … do you see the beauty that surrounds you? These inspirations are given to deposit a smile on your face, to uplift your spirits, and to bring you joy. The beauty that is before you is waiting for you to take notice as you go about your day.


Jesus Thru the Lens is full of pictures, written messages, and scriptures to inspire and offer encouragement for your day. Because life is so hectic, we sometimes forget to take a moment just to center ourselves for rejuvenation and to find a sense of peace. Jesus Thru the Lens is designed to give you small inspirational nuggets to bless your day. Jesus Thru the Lens is a reminder and vision of the true architect of our lives, Jesus Christ.


There is so much beauty and tranquility that God has given us, and Jesus Thru the Lens captures many of those images coupled with words of encouragement and scripture. Take time to carve out some peaceful moments so Jesus Thru the Lens can offer a blessing for your day.


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